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Turner Forestry Incorporated is committed to the highest standards in the industry.  We provide consulting services to help you maximize your forestís potential.  We understand that your decision to harvest timber is important and that your objectives are paramount.   You may decide to sell timber for reasons such as:



There may be many reasons you decide to harvest and you can rest assured that Turner Forestry Inc. will work with you to achieve your individual goals in a professional manner.


When we mark trees for harvest we use your objectives as our guide as we selectively evaluate, measure, and mark each individual tree.   Once a tree is determined to meet the criteria indicated by your goal it is marked in a way to ensure accountability. Examining and marking each tree also provides a detailed individual tally of each and every tree designated for sale providing an accurate valuation of each.   


Perhaps the following list of frequently asked questions will help you determine how best to pursue your objectives in selling timber.



How much can I expect to make on a timber sale?


The value of any tree is dependent on many factors including the size and quality as you would expect, but it is also dependent upon the current timber markets, how well your timber sale is advertised, competition between individual buyers and other factors.   It is impossible to value timber over the phone, however a professional forester can make a visit to your woods and give you a good idea of what a timber sale can do for you and your property.  Below are two examples of our timber sale results:


Average # of Trees Per Acre/Total # Trees Sold

 Bid #1


Bid #3

Bid #4

Bid #5

Bid #6

Bid #7

   14 / 587








     4 / 114










How quickly can I sell my timber and get paid?


We try to mark and sell timber based upon the markets.  We closely monitor prices and attempt to market timber at the optimum time for your type of timber.   If you are in a hurry to sell, it may affect the price you receive but you can always ask us to mark and sell your timber quickly.   It generally takes at least two months from the time you sign your contract until the sale is held and you receive the down payment.  This allows time for the marking, advertising and sealed bid sale to take place.




Can you provide me with a list of buyers so I can sell my timber myself?


We recommend that timber be marked by a professional forester and sold through a sealed bid process.   This protects you, the landowner, in several ways.   First, it ensures that you get the best possible bid for your timber through competition between prospective buyers.  Second, and very important, the forester is your representative, administering the terms of the written contract making sure that all parties involved understand their contractual obligations.   Third, our contracts ensure that you are paid for all timber to be harvested PRIOR to any harvest and set forth penalties should there be any breach of the written contract.    As with any business endeavor it is best to have a professional protecting your interests and overseeing the endeavor.


Do I have enough trees to sell?


We have successfully sold timber on relatively small woodlots, sometimes only a few acres in size.  A personal visit by the consultant forester will give you a good idea of whether or not you can expect to sell enough timber to satisfy your needs.



Can I sell trees that are located in my yard?


As with any timber it depends upon the size, quality and number of trees available for harvest.   A visit by a professional forester is generally necessary to determine what avenues are available to you regarding sale of your trees.



Will selling my timber damage my woods?


Our main goal in overseeing the sale of your timber is to protect the surrounding trees and land from damage.   Realistically there will be some damage done by the logging equipment and process but this damage should be temporary in nature, in other words damage that will heal and disappear.   Any damage to property such as buildings, fences, crops, or roads is covered in the contract and our buyers understand repairs or restitution must be made in these instances.


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