Timber Stand Improvement

Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) is work intended to increase the value and shorten the time until the next harvest. It can also be used to manipulate the wildlife habitat. This work usually involves cutting and killing trees that are competing with crop trees, killing cull trees, creating openings, and killing grapevines. TSI is usually performed after a timber sale, but it could take place beforehand to kill grapevines. Another good time for TSI is in a young post and pole size stand, here it is used to release crop trees from the thick competition.

Killing the trees is accomplished by girdling the larger trees, (cutting through the bark severing the cambium layer). Smaller trees are usually cut down. Both types of trees will be treated with a herbicide to ensure death. Grapevines are severed at the ground, and the stump is treated with a herbicide to keep the roots from sprouting.

The only cost share assistance available at this time for TSI is what some county SWCD offices are offering.